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Residential Garbage Disposal Repair

When your garbage disposal becomes clogged, jammed, or starts leaking, the pressure it can have on homeowners isn’t to be underestimated. You’ve come to rely on your garbage disposal, so what are you supposed to do when it stops working correctly?

The very best thing for quick and dependable garbage disposal fixes is to pick up the phone and call KB Plumbing & Heating Co. We have been fixing and replacing garbage disposals for several years and we’re confident in our ability to fix your problem or install a brand new unit that’s guaranteed to last for many years to come. If you are tired of your machines operating against you rather than for you, KB Plumbing & Heating Co can help.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

When the motor hums but the disposal does not grind, is making far too much sound, or it runs only to stop before you turn it off, there’s something blocking the unit. Generally, this is just a part of the bone, a fruit pit another material that is not easily ground up stuck between an impeller blade along with the drain hole.

When this occurs, it could be tempting to unclog it yourself, however, KB Plumbing & Heating Co does not recommend that you do. Every time garbage disposal requires repairs, you have to be extra careful. The power or the electrical circuit which powers it needs to be turned off prior to making any repairs because neglect during garbage disposal fixes can leave your hands a few fingers short.

Don’t risk your digits simply to fix your kitchen’s garbage disposal, get the professionals to clear the clog for you.

When you get KB Plumbing & Heating Co to clear your garbage disposal clog, we take any guesswork out of the equation. There could be an obstruction close to the blades but there may also be a clog further down in the drain line. Often these are confused for garbage disposal clogs, but in fact, they’re a larger issue within your home’s pipes. With our state of the art waterproof cameras we can safely inspect the in’s and out’s of, not only your garbage disposal device but each of the pipes it is connected to; supplying long-lasting and productive solutions so that you won’t be without this important appliance for long.

Garbage Disposal Leaks

Occasionally when your garbage disposal is leaking, it merely has to be tightened or re-sealed, both of which are very quick and economical repairs. But if the body is cracked and water is coming out of the stitches, you will need a garbage disposal replacement. Thanks to our years of experience installing garbage disposals in kitchens all around the region, we can match your kitchen with a brand-new garbage disposal easily.

Regardless of what your garbage disposal or house demands, KB Plumbing & Heating Co is here to assist. Simply give us a call at any given time of day and we’ll be available to supply you with the specialist assistance Worcester, MA homeowners trust.

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