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Residential Toilet Repairs

The toilet is one of the most important rooms in your house, which explains why it’s essential that any issues that may arise have been solved quickly. And while you might have the ability to get by with a broken shower for a day or two, any time that your toilet isn’t working correctly, it is cause for anxiety. Anyone who has tried to flush their toilet only to see the water rise, as well as the contents of this bowl start to overflow, understands how alarming this really is. Additionally, bathroom water can quickly contaminate a house with harmful bacteria and mold damage which can lead to anything from skin irritation to breathing ailments or mycotoxin poisoning. You want an experienced plumber who will carry out toilet repairs that won’t do any further damage to your home.

At KB Plumbing & Heating Co, our staff specializes in all things residential plumbing, which is the reason you can trust us to resolve any essential toilet repairs in your home. We’ve helped numerous homeowners using our toilet repair solutions; immediately identifying the problem and always using the most recent business practices to make certain we aren’t coming back for additional repairs for a long time to come.

Does Your Toilet Require Repairs?

Some of the problems requiring toilet repair services we can provide include:

  • Trouble flushing waste in a single flush
  • Frequent clogs
  • Loud, unsettling noises
  • Water leaking from the tank into the toilet bowl
  • Cracks in any part of the toilet
  • A wobbly toilet
  • Water continuously running

Whenever your bathroom requires repairs, give KB Plumbing & Heating Co a call and it will not be long before one of our agents arrives on site to repair the matter. Even when you aren’t sure there is a problem, we’ll be delighted to speak with you to ascertain exactly what the next step is. Just give us a call.

Toilet Replacement

Whenever your bathroom appears to be needing repairs all the time, one of our representatives has identified multiple parts that need replacing, or it’s become so prone to clogging, you are probably better off opting for a toilet replacement.

Replacing your toilet is in large a good idea, particularly if your toilet is on the older side. By opting to replace your toilet rather than repair it, you can save a lot of money in your water bill, as contemporary baths are far more efficient than their older counterparts. Utilities are getting more expensive, so it just makes sense to take every step to ensure you’re saving cash.

Bathroom Clogged Drain Repairs

When hair, skin, dirt soap, and toothpaste buildup as time passes, it may be one of the most unpleasant clogs conceivable. Bathrooms can be particularly difficult in regards to drain cleaning since it might not be as simple as snaking away clumps of hair that is moldy. Toilet drains are sometimes full of a lot of toilet paper or other sanitary products that are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet. After the clog turns out to be too much for your plunger, KB Plumbing & Heating Co ‘s specialist technicians are just a telephone call away. They have all the essential equipment and expertise to repair the problem and get water flowing in no time.

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